Mentoring the Mentor - Faculty Development Program


Mentoring the Mentor - Faculty Development Program
22nd April 2016

Nurturing, and not just care. Mentoring, and not just teaching. The FIIB faculty is enthusiastically polishing their skills to become even better mentors when it comes to hand holding the students and usher them towards the new session. A faculty development program on “Mentoring the Mentor” was organized on Friday, the 22nd Apr’16. The program included increased sensitization to the process of mentoring, better awareness of the mentor-mentee dynamics, and enhanced mentoring skills for innovative and more effective student mentoring. The key resource person for this program was Mr. Rajeev Jain (M.Sc., MBA, MA (sociology); Author; Program Manager; Corporate Trainer), a seasoned professional with 20+ years of corporate experience. He has hired and groomed thousands of fresher across countries with onsite visits to countries like US, China, Singapore, Hong-Kong, and Malaysia. This FDP described a whole new concept of mentoring that encouraged faculty members to think differently, understand how mentoring in practiced in the corporate world, how to engage the mentee, and establish a fruitful mentor-mentee relationship. Click here to know more about the past FIIB FPS:

fdp 22nd april
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