Current Research/ Ongoing Research

Prof. Ferojuddin M. A. Khan

Title of Research: An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Spot Price and Future Price of Copper and Silver in Indian Commodity Market (MCX)

Name of the Author: Prof. Ferojuddin M. A. Khan (Guide: Dr. L. Ramani)

Expected date of completion: December, 2016

Prof. Monica Mor & Dr. K.B.C.Saxena

Title of Project: Developing Business Models for Sustainable NGOs

Business model is an emerging concept which defines the way an NGO creates, delivers and captures social value in the context of its beneficiaries, donors and other stakeholders. This project explores how the business model concept can be applied to NGOs to transform them into social entrepreneurs and creating social benefits simultaneously with wealth-generating activities by the use of that model. This project proposes a transformation in NGO management’s thinking to make them see themselves as a “Non-profit business”, rather than merely a social service, and to apply the business model concept for building a sustainable business out of the services they provide.

Names of the Authors: Prof. Monica Mor & Dr. K.B.C.Saxena

Expected date of completion: December 2014

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