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Select FIIB graduates of 2015 batch pursuing PGDM course share their success story of getting recruited by organizations across the fields of Marketing, Finance, International Business, HR Management and Strategy.

Ankit Patwal
“Honesty is the best policy. Take challenges with the honest intention to learn and grow”
The 3 good things that I’ve learnt in the 2 years of FIIB and will be happy to take it further are careful analysis of self, honesty in accepting my weaknesses and working assiduously to improve them. The competitive environment in the class and in the FIIB campus acted as a thrust to stay ahead in the competition. Instilling quality and employing integrity in work always worked wonders for me.The 2 years of FIIB will always uphold a crucial role in shaping my career. The guidance provided here at every step showed me the path to analyze, build and enhance the qualities required to excel in the corporate world.

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Placed at Keuhne & Nagel
Vaishali Dhawan
“Believe in yourself, have determination and passion to work continuously towards your goals.”
These were the thoughts ingrained in me by the Faculty and CRC team at FIIB. Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd. is my dream company. I have been following the company since my Engineering days and completely awestruck with its method of working and presenting information to the consumers. I had a clear focus in mind, i.e., ‘Zomato’ and continually strived towards building my skills for getting hired by the company. FIIB’s teaching methodology and mentoring process is what drives the students to be focussed in their career.

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Placed at Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd.
Ashish Sharma
“Be Sincere in everyday routine work and it will gradually lead to success”
Sincerity results in constructive outcomes. The 2 year journey at FIIB had only one aim – “Focus on basics.” My intention behind every task in the 2 years at FIIB involved truthfulness and dedication for qualitative work. Working on a project/task with candor and dedication shall remain my motto for future. The journey was undoubtedly an excellent one with abundant opportunities to groom for the professional world. Faculty provided a strong support at every step and interpersonal skills enhanced far and wide.

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Placed at Onicra
Jacob Poochakattil
“Grab every opportunity and work with diligence.”
Every day is a learning opportunity at FIIB. The two year PGDM course at FIIB offers ample scope for a student to grow as a true corporate world person. The opportunities to observe and learn the widely applied techniques and practices of the corporate world are unparalleled at FIIB. My motto for 2 years at FIIB has always been to grab every possible opportunity and work with meticulousness. FIIB’s industry network is widespread and this led me to join FIIB at the outset. I’m happy to have taken the decision and have put in quality time here.

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Placed at Mastech Inc.
Mitika Nangia
“Never Give Up. Failure is the stepping stone to success.”
The FIIB journey was a remarkable one. It feels nostalgic to look back in the past and recognize every mile of the 2 year journey. Throughout the 2 years, I have learnt and developed a lot of skills which has contributed to my holistic development. Taking every challenge as an opportunity is my method of working. Although, I had stellar performance with CGPA of 8.0, my intention was always to work at par in academics and extracurricular activities. I was the co-head of HR club and initiated several plans for regular upliftment and skill development of fellow members.

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Placed at Stellar Search
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