Mr. Pradeep Kashyap

Mr. Pradeep Kashyap, President -Mart

Mr Kashyap evoked an enthusiastic response amongst an college audience that was allured by the glitz of the urban world. The audience of MBA graduates was impressed by the sheer power of rural India and its role in the growth of Indian Economy over the last decade and the potential for future. It is certainly a massive asset today, not a liability that we had grown up thinking. With statistics, Mr Kashyap proved that the untapped potential of rural India is slowing showing up. “About 70% of the Indian population resides in our villages and they account for 60% of FMCG market, 57% consumer durables and 40% two-wheelers. As the transportation is improving, the villages are becoming electrified and the literacy rate is improving due to heavy investment and focus by the Indian Government, the scene of Rural India is undergoing an image transformation over past 7-10 years,” Mr Kashyap said.


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