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Message from Head- Career Management Center

Almost every student comes into a professional B-school with the aim of getting a decent job at the end of their education. At FIIB Delhi, we have moved away from a job outlook to a career perspective. Graduates have been trained and counselled in terms of the importance of looking at a long term career instead of an immediate job. Graduates are trained to be creative, innovative and hard-working which enables them to take challenging responsibilities. Today, Human Capital is recognized as the most valuable asset of any business. It acts as a differentiator with the competitor. At the college, we focus on making managers with a perspective of developing their abilities to provide solutions to complex and dynamic problems through intuitive and successful decision making processes.

To make this come about, FIIB’s Career Management Centre has focused deeply on MBA students charting out their career goals clearly so that they can pursue the appropriate companies. A deliberate attempt has been made to make them industry ready by priming them on corporate expectations from fresh management graduates.

In addition we have empowered them with the appropriate mix of skills that would be required by recruiters today. Building on our key pillars of Cross-functionality, Collaboration with Industry and Competency based learning, we have worked hard to make our college MBAs aligned to corporate careers. Our aim has been from the beginning to provide to the corporate world MBA graduates who can hit the ground running. We welcome you to visit the college campus and see the difference our curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular interventions have made to the quality of students.

Our management graduates in the past have successfully created value in various assignments and have been recognized by industry. We take pride in our students as they have marked their excellence in various industries with challenging roles.

Recruiters' Speak

Nidhi Singh Saini
Head - CMC
Email: nidhi.saini@fiib.edu.in
Ph - 011-47285068

Nancy Sharma
Manager Recruitment - CMC
Email: nancy.sharma@fiib.edu.in
Ph - 011-47285053

Monika Tiwari
Manager Recruitment- CMC
Email: monika.tiwari@fiib.edu.in
Ph - 011-47285016

Sanjay Mandal
Email: sanjay.mandal@fiib.edu.in
Ph - 011-47285010

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