Management cannot be taught. It is practiced


About Samavesh

Every year our students organize a three day long Management and Cultural Fest called Samavesh, through which they demonstrate initiative, management acumen and execution ability. The fest focuses on competitive activities brought together by the student run clubs on a variety of interest areas ranging from marketing, finance, strategy and HR to music, dance and chess.


Samavesh was hosted in March, 2014 wherein students from several colleges from across the city, participated in over twenty competitive activities. The fest centered around Management games, sports and team activities. Ad Mad, Table Tennis, Group and Solo Dance, Street Theater and the Face Painting Challenge were some of the popular events held on the first day, while the second day included band competitions, Kabaad se Jugaad and Zero Fashion (team games based on principles of sustainability) and photography competition.


Samavesh was ideated to present a platform to the students to explore innovative ideas for a clean, green future by organizing a fest which is entertaining and fun filled. Participants stand testimony to the confluence of ideas for sustainability, through emulating, absorbing and influencing. As is the need of the hour, through this creative enterprise, FIIB showcases the philosophy of sustainable applications in not just commercial businesses but in almost every facet of life - the true triumph of which will only be measurable by its capacity to endure.


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