Featured Speakers

Mr. Suresh Tripathi
President HR - SRF Limited

Increasing Globality

A boundary less, flattened world with homogeneity in consumption patterns and

omnipresence of products and services, changing employment contracts and attitudes, demands integrated HR models for talent retention and Attraction

B. Ram Mohan

VP - HR Everest Industries

HR- The Navigation Tool
HR should come out of its HR Professional name tag, and observe

oneself as part of the business process to understand how to contribute best to the organization. HR should be the navigation tool in this environment characterized by diversity and constant mobility

Ms. Pritha Dutt Consultant-HR & CSR

Ex. Sr. VP - Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd.

Blend Life in Work

Organizations should manage environment not people. Understanding what makes for an engaging work

environment, HR leaders should think about Human Rights, not just Human Resources; Celebrate diversity, while respecting universal rights and providing career and personal fulfillment

Mr. Ashok Grover


Director – Skillscape

Talent Delivers
Do not make islands of recruitment, learning and development, rewards and recognition;

Move from talent management process to talent management systems. Exploit potential, build capability and achieve performance





FIIB's Industry Interaction Cell brings Premier Leaders to Campus to Enhance the Students' Learning Manifold


FIIB has a super active Industry Interface Cell that partners with corporate institutions to enhance the students' learning beyond the classroom. Its activities include organizing seminars on relevant and futuristic topics of interest to businesses globally, inviting practicing managersof top companies to come and share the realities of running a business first-hand, arranging constant projects and visits for students, updating FIIB's course curriculum to be in line with industry needs.


Some speakers who visited FIIB recently include:


" Did we really get Swaraj on August 15, 1947? Do we like the Swaraj that we have attained today? That was the fundamental question raised by Mr Shalilesh Gandhi, Central Information Commissioner and RTI activist, in his address to students of FIIB on Saturday, December 4, at the FIIB campus.
"The browns took over from the whites but attaining Swaraj continued to be a struggle. The heart and essences of Swaraj have been missing ever since," Mr Shailesh Gandhi said. He drove home the point that today, we live in a flawed, defective democracy, where the sovereignty of the individual is affected. "Only if we recognize the sovereignty of the individual citizen, can there be participatory democracy.
He drew attention to the undeniable fact that the previous generations could not be successful in achieving Swaraj and accrue the benefits of RTI as much as they might have wanted. "I'm sure your generation will do a better job and succeed," he said."

Shailesh Gandhi
Central Information Commissioner

"Mr Sarovar Agarwal dealt with a case study on 'the profitability improvement of the telecom operator store.' With the numerous multi-purpose telecom operator stores located across the country incurring heavy losses since inception, a strategy had to be devised, to turn-around the overall store portfolio and make it profitable.
Mr Amit Saharia's workshop revolved around 'India Steel Market Forecast', where the client required the consultant to conduct a detailed market assessment (Demand -Supply estimation) for crude steel in India over the next 30 year time period. The assessment was to include identification of key drivers for growth and constraining factors impacting the steel demand and supply, in order to arrive at the growth forecast. Imbibing their erudite inputs on case study analyses was a great learning for FIIB students and faculty alike. Further, it consolidated a strong relationship between FIIB and AT Kearney."

Mr Sarovar Agarwal and Mr Amit Saharia
Senior Managers, AT Kearney

"The key issue was whether one should work towards promoting one's own career, or aid someone else's career. "To make one,s career count, one has to decide what plan of action has to be taken, when it should be executed and how effectively it should be done," said Dr Maninder Singh, AVP, HR, Viom Telecom. To primarily identify one's goals and work towards it becomes the main differentiating factor, he said.
Engaging the students with real life examples and from his very own career path, he said, "Fortunate are those who encounter many problems in their lives. As they face obstacles, they learn to overcome them, learn ways to tackle them, become stronger, gain experience and as a result, grow in leaps and bounds." "

Dr Maninder Singh
AVP, HR, Viom Telecom


Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
The FIIB Industry Interaction Cell also provides a common meeting point for the exchange of useful information by members of a common business community. Conferences, seminars and workshops are a regular feature at the campus providing a forum for presenting research work and discussing important issues of global interest. These events bring together students, academicians, corporates and policy-makers, and are an opportunity to network and learn.

FIIB has hosted the following annual Conferences


Over the years FIIB has conducted and oirganised Seminars and Conferences on a host of topics like


  • Arthasaar-2010-a seminar on finance: the challenges ahead
  • Mantrana: Marketing in Turbulent Times
  • Issues & Challenges in Supply Chain Management
  • Emerging India: Issues & Challenges in HR
  • Competitiveness through Green Business
  • Resilience in International Business